Bag-on-Valve continuous spray increases the performance of your product – whether solution, liquid, gel, creams or ointment.

Stages of the Bag-on-Valve aerosol production process

Discover superior spray dispensing with Bag-on-Valve Technology

Bag-on-Valve technology aerosol is a superior spray dispensing system, with modern packaging that improves products in a range of industries, including pharmaceutical, occupational safety, cosmetic, or food. Compared to traditional aerosol spray technology (and other alternative packaging), Bag-on-Valve has several benefits, for manufacturers, consumers and the environment.

Environmental Benefits

  • No need for flammable propellants
  • Hygienic and sterilizable
  • Used with eco-friendly air or nitrogen
  • Less need for preservatives

Consumer Benefits

  • Up to 100% product emptying
  • Longer shelf life with less preservatives
  • Even and controlled spraying pattern
  • No pumping motion needed
  • Can be used at all angles
  • Reduced spray noise
  • Less-chilling product discharge

Distribution Benefits

  • Longer shelf life for oxygen-sensitive products
  • Effective filling process
  • Suitable for both liquid and viscous products
  • Can be used with actuators and aerosol cans
Bag-on-Valve Product Family

Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

With the total separation of product and propellant, a bag with superior barrier properties, and complete oxygen protection Bag-on-Valve is the optimal solution for pharmaceutical and health products. Together with clean room production and gamma irradiation sterility can be guaranteed – even when the can has been opened.

Product Examples: Eye Wash Spray, Emollient Spray, Saline /Seawater Nasal Spray, Throat Spray, Medical Adhesive Remover, Auricular Spray, Wound irrigation, Contamination Control Spray, Burn Gels


Using a Bag-on-Valve aerosol means experiencing benefits such as: less spray noise, even spraying result, controlled spraying force on sensitive areas, all-angles spraying and no chilling effect. And, with up to 99% product emptying Bag-on-Valve gives your consumer more value for money.

Product Examples: Deodorants, Lotions, Shower gels, Shaving gels, Shaving foam, Facial wash, Self-tanning sprays.