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Contract Manufacturing

Work with a partner that is committed to transforming your product

Intec Healthcare Solutions and our partners are committed to innovation and creative solutions, with a proven manufacturing process that can transform your product into modern continuous spray technology. As Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) and Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMO) specializing in a wide range of Bag-on-Valve products, Intec's dedicated team has extensive experience in medical device, OTC and consumer products manufacturing.

Intec and our partners have operations in Canada, Sweden, United States, Latin America and China with quality services that exceed the requirements and expectations of regulatory agencies and customers:

  • Health Canada approved facility. CMDCAS recognized registrar per ISO13485:2012
  • FDA approved facility as a Drug and Medical Device Establishment
  • CE-Marked
  • ESD and EX-standards, offering manufacturing of flammable products
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Branded and Private Label Solutions

Work with a partner that is committed to meeting your objectives

Intec Healthcare Solutions offers a range of innovative solutions including; medical devices, OTC and Natural health products using continuous spray technology (BoV) that are registered and approved in Canada and many international markets.

Icon of Product Development and Small Scale Production

Product Development and Small Scale Production

Transform your product into Bag-on-Valve packaging

With few limitations and endless possibilities, your liquid, gel or cream may be suitable for Bag-on-Valve packaging. Intec’s experienced team can conduct pre-formulation development and formulation development. We have unique expertise in saline based formulations, sprayable emollients and wound and skin formulations using advanced silicone technologies.

Test your product’s stability in Bag-on-Valve

Not sure if Bag-on-Valve is right for your product? In need of a small scale product; run to test a new formulation? Intec offers flexible solutions to test your product’s stability and see it in Bag-on-Valve packaging:

Icon of Regulatory Support

Regulatory Support

Let’s get your product on the market

If you’re ready to put your product on the market, it’s important that it meets all regulatory requirements.

Put this process into Intec’s hands

We work with our clients to assemble the technical documentation and prepare the audit and notification processes that will help you get your product in market – efficiently and effectively.

Icon of Packaging and Graphic Design

Packaging and Graphic Design

Make your product stand out from the rest

In today’s competitive and visual market, high-quality graphics are necessary to catch and hold consumer interest. With Bag-on-Valve packaging, there are a number of opportunities to catch the attention of your consumer.

  • Enhance the container by printing directly on the can. Create legible and fade-resistant artwork suitable for healthcare products.
  • Consider a shrink sleeve for full body artwork or self-adhesive labels for smaller product runs.
  • For products that require a large amount of information, innovative booklet labels can be affixed directly to the can, offering more opportunity for information and promotion.
Icon of Global Brand Building

Global Brand Building

Through development, extension or promotion; find new ways to enter different markets to build your brand, sales and profits.

Intec has a skilled and experienced management team providing advisory and product solutions to global medical device and OTC consumer products companies. Here are some of the solutions to consider to support your objectives?

  • Product sourcing and acquisition
  • Product development
  • Regulatory support
  • Strategic planning
  • Brand advisory
  • Market intelligence

Strategically sound and cost-effective distribution

Getting your product in markets around the world effectively and efficiently is critical to the success of your brand. Partner with Intec Healthcare Solutions to:

  • Find new markets for your brands
  • Source new products for your brand

Protect your intellectual property

Work with Intec Healthcare Solutions to develop innovative medical device products through in-licensing of intellectual property and products. Intec may also be interested in licensing your intellectual property for commercialization in other markets.